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WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback | Extreme Rules 2013

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John Cena was having his worse 18 months of his WWE career until he regained the WWE Championship Title for the 11th time at Wrestlemania 29 (Watch Part 1 | Part 2)by defeating The Rock. But, If Ryback defeats the WWE Champion at Extreme Rules, Cena's glory days will again come to an end.

WATCH: Ryback's Uncontrollable Rage.

WWE’s most dominate competitor of 2012 will get to face the new WWE Champion at WWE Extreme Rules PPV on May 19th. This would be the first time where Ryback and Cena would be facing each other in an singles contest, Ryback wows to break the champ in half.

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At last year's Extreme Rules PPV, Cena made a mark by defeating Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match and Ryback defeated Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton (two local competitors)  in an 2-on-1 Handicap match and setting up an dangerous image of him. Ryback even got handful of WWE Championship matches but he was prevented by The Shield in various occasions  Ryback had his last title opportunity in January which he lost and Cena slowly drifted in the title match.

Ryback Attacks John Cena | Raw April 8, 2013

After attacking Cena on Raw episode of April 8th (Watch Part 1 | Part 2), Ryback took out Cena with an hell-raising cloth-line because Ryback believed that The Champ was stalling his momentum.

Ryback didn't even stood for Cena when he was being attacked by The Shield, Ryback says that he was returning the favor of The Shield's attack when they were having the triple treat match where he was attacked by The Shield at Elimination Chamber PPV (Watch Part 1 | Part 2) and Cena didn't helped him.

John Cena,Sheamus,Ryback vs.The Shield | Elimination Chamber

Since then Ryback has portrayed Cena as self-concerned human and say's that The Champ has a very little regard for his loved one's. But The Members of The Cenation doesn't agree with Ryback. The Shell Shocking Superstar wants to make The Champ suffer when the bell rings on May 19.

Ryback Stands By As The Shield Attacks John Cena | Raw April 15

With their friendship declined, The Champ and The Shell-Shocking Superstar are headed for the Extreme Rules. On Raw episode of April 15th, Attack by The Shield was unrelated to the WWE Championship Title scene.

Mick Foley Confronts Ryback, John Cena gets Payback | Raw April 22, 2013

Is Ryback entering the ring on May 19 with an intention of punishing The Champ and win the title or will The Cenation Leader retain his gold. It can be only witnessed at Extreme Rules PPV.

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